June 13

Creating a dev-friendly platform to run application infrastructure securely & efficiently

This session will show how a FinServ platform team accelerated the adoption of cloud-native technologies by simplifying developer experience while enforcing governance at scale.

In an increasingly competitive market, the platform team at a large financial services institution saw cloud-native technologies as the key to delivering the kind of experience that attracts and retains users.

However, complexity and risk stood in the way. The platform team needed to enable developers to run application environments regardless of their expertise in modern infrastructure technologies while ensuring all infrastructure usage aligns with the organization’s strict security, compliance, and cost-efficiency standards. 

This session will dive into the platform created to give developers self-service to run application infrastructure on-demand while providing visibility and enforcing guardrails to prevent misconfigurations and align with the FinOps team’s priorities.

David Ben Shabat
VP of R&D, Quali
David Ben Shabat

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