June 10

Bridging the gap between local and remote environments in your platform

Explore how Score, an open-source workload specification, aims to reduce the risk of configuration inconsistencies between local development and remote production environments.

Developer experience is an important concept in platform engineering, advocating for self-service and reduced cognitive load. Its primary goal is to empower developers, allowing them to focus on application development rather than fighting infrastructure intricacies.

As teams embrace this principle when building out their internal developer platforms, one aspect tends to present a challenge: local development. Often viewed as the developer’s concern, the absence of standardized processes leads to struggles in setting up and synchronizing local environments with remote deployment setups.

In our talk, we’ll investigate common issues in local development within cloud-native setups. We’ll explore how to bridge the gap between local and remote, introducing Score, an open-source workload specification that enables developers to deploy their workloads across a spectrum of runtime platforms. Join us as we discuss building effective developer workflows.

Ben Meier
Score contributor, Principal Engineer, Humanitec
Susanne Tünker
Product Manager, Contributor at Score, Humanitec
Ben Meier

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