Building an OSS playground in 1 command

+++ Fully booked - no more seats available +++ There is no shortage of tools to explore when it comes to building platforms. But exploring them in a safe, but still useful, way is a challenge. Come create an extensible gitops enabled workflow setup.
June 11
05:00 PM
10:00 AM
John Dietz
Kubefirst cofounder, GitOps and Cloud Native Enthusiast
Jared Edwards
Kubefirst cofounder, GitOps and Cloud Native Enthusiast
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+++ Fully booked - no more seats available +++

Platforms are complex and interconnected systems. They necessarily depend on shared tools such as Infrastructure as Code implementations, certificate management, secrets management, and more.

Many tools give you "quick starts" that bypass all of these integrations, but then you can feel bamboozled when it comes to actually tackling key company challenges with that shiny tool you just trialed.

This workshop will introduce OSS Kubefirst to put up a mature platform that enables exploration of cloud native application delivery using Argo CD, GitHub Runner, and Argo Workflows, along with infrastructure management using Crossplane, Terraform, and Atlantis, while implementing access policy and security with Vault, External Secrets Operator, and Kyverno.

Laptop Prerequisites:

For our audience to replicate this cloud native environment, they will need a laptop that can run native linux shell commands that has a minimum of 4 GB memory and 4 CPU cores dedicated to a docker runtime environment. This is required to create the local k3s kubernetes management control plane cluster. Audience members will also need two free accounts to explore the entire workshop: github and ngrok. For more details on these prerequisites see