Build runtime environments and deploy applications in the cloud with Backstage

+++ Fully booked - no more seats available +++ Learn how to build different applications in the cloud without requiring deep cloud-native skills. Use Backstage as a portal to increase developer productivity to easily build and deploy to the cloud.
June 11
05:00 PM
10:00 AM
Jim McVea
Platform Engineering Team, AWS FSI PACE
Anthony Watson
Platform Engineering Team, AWS FSI PACE
Zahi Ben Shabat
Lead Platform Engineering Team, AWS
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+++ Fully booked - no more seats available +++

In this session, participants will learn how to create cloud environments, deploy applications, manage resources, and access key required information. Participants of this workshop will assume the role of two personas (platform engineer and application developer) to build out the cloud infrastructure needed to run containerized applications and a simple application targeted at new infrastructure. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how developers can build applications seamlessly and how platform engineers can see all accounts, applications, and resources through a single pane of glass. Join us to learn more and gain new tools that will simplify work and enable developers to build using ECS, EKS, and GenAI applications more efficiently.