Build a Minimum Viable Platform (MVP) in 2 hours

+++ Fully booked - no more seats available +++ In this workshop, you will discover how to kickstart your platform engineering journey and build an MVP within 2 hours. You will learn how to design golden paths and show value to all stakeholders quickly.
June 11
07:00 PM
12:00 PM
Mathieu Benoit
Customer Success Engineer at Humanitec | CNCF Ambassador
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+++ Fully booked - no more seats available +++

​If you're looking at getting into platform engineering or scaling up your Internal Developer Platform initiative, there are 3 things you have to keep in mind:

  • ​​Velocity for Devs with an abstraction layer
  • ​​Stability for Platform Engineers with an orchestration and standardization layer
  • ​PROVE VALUE FAST to all internal stakeholders

Join Humanitec’s Platform Architect Mathieu for a hands-on workshop where you will design and deploy 4 golden paths:

🌀Deploy an application from Backstage to production, via the OSS Workload Specification Score

🌀Develop a feature request for this application in an ephemeral environment.

🌀Add a database dependency to this application, in-cluster in Kubernetes or in Google Cloud via Terraform.

🌀Centralize security and governance context and setting for any applications in your organization

All you need to bring is you and your laptop. We will take care of the rest :)

🎯 By the end of this session you will get an understanding:

  • ​Where does the workload specification fit in your own platform to boost velocity and productivity for your Developers
  • Where does the Platform Orchestrator fit in your own platform to increase stability and standardization by your Platform Engineers (Security, Ops, SRE, etc.)
  • Where and how to start your own MVP based on this