Best practises in infrastructure platform engineering

When enterprise teams start their platform engineering journey or scale up their Internal Developer Platform (IDP) initiative, they typically aim to reduce manual maintenance and ticket ops through standardization and automation.
June 11
03:00 PM
08:00 AM
Clemens Jütte
Platform Architect, Humanitec
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During the workshop, we’ll dive into Humanitec reference architectures for IDPs and explore best practices in infrastructure platform engineering alongside practical examples.

Humanitec’s Platform Architect Clemens will share:

  1. How a graph-based Platform Orchestrator ensures standardization and automation as the backend of your IDP
  2. How infra, Ops, security, DevOps, and SRE teams drive secure and compliant ways to provision and consume infrastructure
  3. How to start your Minimum Viable Platform initiative and prove value fast to all internal stakeholders

As a practical example, Clemens will show how to define resources and pipelines and then deploy an application from Backstage to production via the OSS workload specification Score and Humanitec Platform Orchestrator.