June 13

Scaling platform teams with product - how does it work?!

In theory, applying product thinking and practices to platform teams seems easy and makes sense. But how do you scale? Does a traditional product team structure work? Let's find out.

Traditional product team structures are quite simple and easy to scale. You typically have a "product" and features beneath that product for you to align product managers to. In theory, this would be similar for platforms. However, platforms have far more cross-over and shared capability that makes the boundaries of ownership a little more murky.

How do you define the boundaries of ownership? Do you align according to the DevOps infinity loop? Or perhaps different experiences/capabilities such as build, deploy and operate? How do you even define an "experience"?

This talk aims to walk you through the experience of REA group when scaling their platform teams, including what we found worked, what didn't work, and the learnings that helped us move forward in a productive, impactful way.

April Lea
Head of Product, Developer Productivity & Experience, REA Group
April Lea

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