June 13

Is platform engineering only about internal developer portals? Think again.

Internal developer portals (IDPs) are a step towards developer nirvana in platform engineering. But they are just the tip of the iceberg.

IDPs are often considered a gateway to developer nirvana with respect to platform engineering. A one-stop solution from cognitive overload to better developer experience. 

However, is platform engineering only about IDPs? Actually, there’s a whole universe beyond portals that is less talked about. From pipelines to environments, testing data to reporting; each plays a pivotal role in platform development. Going beyond the bits and bytes, it’s all about the culture, collaboration, and innovation that collectively builds the backbone of a successful platform.

In this talk, we’ll explore this universe, focusing on the less-talked-about capabilities and tales that shape the fabric of platform engineering.

Atulpriya Sharma
Sr. Developer Advocate, InfraCloud, CNCF Ambassador
Vishal Biyani
Founder & CTO, InfraCloud
Atulpriya Sharma

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