June 10

How platform engineering teams can augment DevOps with AI

AI is poised to shape the next frontier of DevOps. This talk provides insights on using predictive and generative AI capabilities to improve software delivery effectiveness and efficiency.

Gartner predicts that By 2027, the number of platform engineering teams using AI to augment every phase of the SDLC will have increased from 5% to 40%. Organizations are starting to take a broader view of AI-enabled use cases in DevOps and ask questions like “What are the opportunities for AI to shape DevOps/DevSecOps within a three-year horizon?".

Platform engineering teams play a critical role in answering these questions because their remit includes helping development teams improve delivery speed, software quality, and developer experience at scale. They have a unique perspective on the challenges multiple product development teams face.

This talk will recommend three approaches to augmenting DevOps with AI tools, technologies, and techniques:

  • Improve developer experience (DevEx)
  • Enhance software delivery efficiency
  • Optimize software delivery infrastructure
Manjunath Bhat
Research VP, Software Engineering Practice, Gartner
Manjunath Bhat

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