June 10

Helping a platform team focused on engineering to switch to a product-based approach

This session shows how adopting product management practices improves the value of a platform engineering team, and how to solve specific challenges faced by an engineering-focused team.

Your container platform is technically up to speed, and your most advanced developers are already running production workloads.But legacy developers see you as a new operations team and are skeptical about cloud-native concepts. On top of it all, your finance team is politely asking “Why do we actually need a team of platform engineers?” After all, “You build it, you run it,” right?

This session will show how adopting product management practices can improve the value of a platform engineering team.

It will explain how to clarify the value and benefits of your container platform for developers and other stakeholders, especially by creating a platform architecture that is not only focused on technical features. It will also explain how to solve some of the specific challenges of a container platform, such as making platform capabilities visible and understandable to a broad and varied audience.

Stéphane Di Cesare
Platform Engineer and Architect, Platform Experience, DKB
Stéphane Di Cesare

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