June 13

A cost optimization journey to reduce organization cost/GP by 20%

This session will discuss how MiQ reduced organizational costs/GP by 20%. It will also cover how we measure and track the tech and infra cost to tie it back to the company's revenue.

In this talk, I’ll cover how MiQ reduced organization Cost/GP by 20%. I will also discuss measuring and tracking tech and infra costs to tie them back to the company's revenue.

Various modules of coverage include:

  1. CLEANATHON - A hack event leading to X$ savings realization in one day; I’ll also share how to go about conducting such Hackathons
  2. AI driving cost optimization – how to partner with the right AI Cost optimization platform and decide on the correct strategy
  3. Modern storage layer, cost optimization tactics, and partnerships
  4. Building next-gen reporting and an alerting mechanism for financial governance
  5. How to modernize your cloud resources to achieve a stable cost
Rohit Srivastava
Engineering Lead, MiQ
Akash Srivastava
Principal Engineer in the Platform Team, MIQ Digital
Rohit Srivastava

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