Measuring developer productivity IRL

Live Session
June 14
4:30 PM
9:30 AM
Presented by
Jennifer Riggins
Freelance Tech Culture Journalist
Abby Bangser
Principal Engineer, Syntasso
Kathryn Koehler
Director, Developer Productivity Engineering, Netflix
Helen Greul
Head of Engineering for Backstage, Spotify
Akshaya Aradhya
CTO, Knighted
Laura Tacho
Engineering is a science, so we know we can't improve what we don't measure. Learn from the real life experience and excellent metrics from this epic developer productivity metrics panel.

Engineering is a science, so we know we can't improve what we don't measure. Yet developers inherently distrust productivity metrics. How can we measure the impact of tooling, processes, and company culture on the developer experience (DevEx) in a way that's actionable and effective? Quantitative vs qualitative? How do you measure business impact? Cognitive load? Is there a way to measure the maturity of your platform strategy? Join this panel to learn how from those who have been working with a Platform-as-a-Product mindset for years now. Join Netflix's Kathryn Koehler, Spotify's Helen Greul, GitHub's Akshaya Aradhya, DX's Laura Tacho and Syntasso's Abby Bangser in this epic panel hosted by The New Stack's Jennifer Riggins.

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