DevSecOps and Platform Engineering: the recipe to sleep well at night?

Live Session
June 14
5:30 PM
10:30 AM
Presented by
Alan Shimel
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Techstrong Group
Bryan Finster
Value Stream Architect, Defense Unicorns
Hila Fish
Senior DevOps Engineer, International Public Speaker
Hope Lynch
Sr. Director, Platform, CloudBees
Paul Nashawaty
Practice Leader and Lead Principal Analyst, Futurum Group
Laura Tacho
In this panel we will delve into the technical and cultural challenges of integrating security into development and explore how Platform Engineering and DevSecOps can enhance security by design.

There is a growing trend to shift security responsibilities left to developers, who are not necessarily experts in security nor infrastructure. At the same time, security threats continue to increase and pose significant risks, particularly for regulated industries and public sector companies.

This panel will explore the typical challenges—both technical and cultural—faced in integrating security into the development process. We will discuss how Platform Engineering can play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges and how to enhance security by design with insights from DevSecOps practitioners and Platform Engineering experts.

Join the discussion with:

  • Bryan Finster (Defense Unicorns, co-author of Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future)
  • Hila Fish (DevOps Engineer, public speaker)
  • Hope Lynch (Sr Director, Platform, Cloudbees)
  • Paul Nashawaty (Practice Leader and Lead Principal Analyst, Futurum Group)

Moderated by Alan Shimel (, this session promises to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for harmonizing DevSecOps and Platform Engineering in your organization.

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