Best practices in platform engineering

Live Session
June 14
2:30 PM
7:30 AM
Presented by
Luca Galante
Product, Humanitec
Joseph Sambuco
Head of Architecture, Developer Acceleration, UKG
Anna Ciula
Platform as a Product Enthusiast and Coach
André Alfter
Principal Consultant, Bechtle
Nicki Watt
CEO & CTO, OpenCredo
Laura Tacho
As we kick off the final day of PlatformCon 2024, we bring together a live panel of platform veterans and experts to discuss best practices in platform engineering based on what we have seen and learned from the week's talks.

A live panel of platform engineering veterans is the best way to dissect and absorb the knowledge, and ideas shared at PlatformCon 2024. In this session, the panelists will drawing insights from the week's engaging talks and discussions and explore key topics like:

  • Platform as a Product Approach: Discover the strategies and benefits of treating platforms as products, ensuring continuous improvement and user-centric design.
  • Platform Engineering Maturity Model: Learn about the different stages of platform engineering maturity and how organizations can assess and advance their platform capabilities.
  • Security and Compliance by Design: Explore methods to embed security and compliance into the platform engineering process from the outset, reducing risks and ensuring robust protection.
  • Enterprise Brownfield Challenges: Understand the complexities of dealing with mixed technology environments in enterprise brownfield setups and gain insights into effective strategies for overcoming these challenges.

This session is a must-watch for anyone involved in platform engineering, offering valuable perspectives and practical advice from leading experts in the field.

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