June 10

Why women should choose platform engineering

In this presentation, we'll explore the potential for women in platform engineering, highlighting how their unique perspectives can drive innovation and change.This session will address the current underrepresentation of women in this field, strategies for overcoming fears, and parallels between platform engineering and product development.

Platform engineering offers a dynamic and impactful career path, yet women remain significantly underrepresented in this field. This session aims to inspire women to consider platform engineering as a viable and fulfilling career option. We'll delve into the reasons why women are well-suited for roles in platform engineering, emphasizing the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and problem-solving.

Despite the exciting opportunities in platform engineering, many women may hesitate to pursue this path due to fear or uncertainty. We'll discuss practical strategies for overcoming these barriers, including mentorship, continuous learning, and building confidence through hands-on experience.

We'll explore the striking similarities between platform engineering and product development. Both disciplines require a deep understanding of user needs, a focus on scalability and reliability, and the ability to iterate and adapt in a rapidly evolving landscape. By highlighting these parallels, we aim to demystify platform engineering and showcase its potential for women seeking meaningful and impactful careers in technology.

Join us as we challenge stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and empower women to thrive in the exciting world of platform engineering.

Swarna Mani
Director, Platform Engineering, Rithum
Swarna Mani

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