June 13

Weaving intents into reality: Defining your own intent-driven golden path

Discover how to create an intent-driven Internal Developer Platform (IDP) using KusionStack. This talk showcases the reference architecture that connects the different infrastructures, developers, and the business.

This talk delves into the experience of building an intent-driven IDP leveraging KusionStack. We’ll discuss the concept of an Intent-driven platform, the architectural principles of designing one, and the significance of being able to build it yourself to serve different organizational needs. Key topics include design considerations, a showcase of the reference architecture, the combination of the technologies used, and the role of KusionStack in it. We'll highlight how different parts of the infrastructure are connected and encapsulated as a platform golden path. We'll also cover the possible challenges and their mitigations. The goal is to provide actionable insights and a path forward when building an IDP with KusionStack, to accelerate platform success and drive innovation.

Zibo He
Senior Technical Expert, Ant Group
Zibo He

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