June 13

The goal is not ‘the platform'

Transforming tech narratives: Pivoting the conversation from 'platform-first' to business-aligned, how to drive stakeholder engagement for organizational success, not just technological innovation.

With the proliferation of platforms, there's a risk of them becoming generic solutions, detached from specific business challenges, especially as supply is outpacing demand. Our session will explore the pitfalls of a technology-centric approach and pivot toward solutions that resonate with specific business objectives. We'll journey through the dangers of platform-first strategies that misfire against business targets and demonstrate transformative ways to instead weave platforms into the fabric of stakeholder interests, while maintaining relevance in challenging fiscal environments. Walk away with practical insights for guaranteeing stakeholder engagement and ensuring your platforms are not just cutting-edge, but are in harmony with your business imperatives.

Jamil Jadallah
VP, Solutions Management, BrainGu
Jamil Jadallah

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