June 9

Solution approach of adopting IDP

Engineering is the core and engineering excellence is a multi-step approach to ensuring software excellence. Sharing a point of view on how to initiate your journey highest degree of maturity in DevOps with platform engineering to industrialize DevOps and create high-performing teams at scale.
Talk abstract

Most companies today are heavily invested in DevOps engineering to accelerate business value delivery without compromising standards. In the early stages of DevOps engineering, there are numerous successes if teams are small and the products to be managed are limited in scope. When enterprises scale, the value gained through DevOps begins to hit a wall.

The session will explore how to create high-performing teams at scale with a step-by-step approach to industrializing DevOps and achieving the highest level of maturity through platform engineering, self-service portals, adaptive observability, and quick onboarding toolkits.