June 10

Platform as a Product: Stories from the field

Is product thinking the secret weapon for your platforms' success? This talk highlights the benefits of a product approach in the platform engineering space and lessons learned from real-world workshops.

As an expression, “platform as a product” has become a popular chant in the industry. However, many are unclear on what it really means. We go beyond the fad and look at a repeatable framework, which you can run as a workshop with your teams and define the changes your organization requires to treat the platform as a product. We’ll discuss the benefits of doing so and the challenges in making that move. For the past few years, we’ve run the platform as a product workshop with different organizations and helped them turn ideas into reality. This session will be the summary of our findings and lessons learned. We also give participants a sneak peek of the workshop and guidance on running it themselves. Moreover, the workshop is already accessible to everybody via the Miroverse community!**

Cansu Kavili Örnek
Senior Architect, Red Hat
Anna Ciula
Platform as a Product Enthusiast and Coach
Cansu Kavili Örnek

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