June 10

OpenTelemetry Native Observability

Explore the role of OpenTelemetry (OTel) in enhancing observability and leveraging OTel signals and semantics for improved platform performance and reliability.

In the rapidly evolving field of software development and operations, observability has become paramount. This talk aims to introduce participants to OTel, a set of APIs, libraries, agents, and instrumentation that provide observability for cloud-native software. We will dive into how OTel enhances observability by providing detailed insights into software performance and behavior, thereby enabling platform and application engineers to deliver applications that are not only high-performing but also reliable.

We will cover OpenTelemetry's core concepts, including its architecture, the types of signals it supports (traces, metrics, logs), and the semantics that underpin these signals. Participants will gain an understanding of how these components work together to provide a comprehensive observability framework that can be integrated into various stages of the software development lifecycle.

Furthermore, we will explore practical examples of how to leverage OTel signals and semantics to troubleshoot common performance issues and ensure service reliability. This includes demonstrating how to instrument codebases using OTel libraries, configure OTel collectors for data aggregation and analysis, and visualize observability data using popular observability platforms.

By the end of this session, attendees will have a solid foundation in OpenTelemetry and its impact on observability. They will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to implement OTel in their projects, enabling them to make informed decisions that enhance the performance and reliability of their platforms and applications.

Mirko Novakovic
Co-Founder & CEO, Dash0
Mirko Novakovic

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