June 13

Kargo - multi-stage deployment pipelines using GitOps

Kargo is the next step in your Kubernetes application delivery evolution aimed to provide stage-to-stage promotion using GitOps without bespoke automation and CI pipelines.

Whilst GitOps excels at fast, seamless application delivery to single environments, it often lacks the features required to accommodate multi-stage, wide-reaching deployment pipelines that involve extensive verification. This shortfall in resources pushes GitOps practitioners towards CI platforms and custom automation, leading to complex and potentially brittle deployment systems. This is a prevalent challenge for platform engineers establishing a GitOps-centered self-service platform.

This talk will focus on alternative patterns that effectively address these challenges without compromising core GitOps principles. Emerging open-source solution, Kargo, straightforwardly tackles these challenges while harmoniously working with preferred tools of GitOps users such as Kustomize, Helm, Argo CD, and Flux.

Jesse Suen
Co-Founder & CTO, Akuity
Kent Rancourt
Founding Engineer, Akuity
Jesse Suen

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