June 12

Harnessing the power of CDKTF: A new era for platform team efficiency

Let's dig into building a full platform solution on top of the Cloud Development Kit for Terraform (CDKTF) and how it can help you drastically lower your development time without adding new complexity to your ecosystem.

The landscape of infrastructure management is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, with CDKTF at the forefront of this change. This talk delves into how CDKTF is pioneering a new era for platform team efficiency, blending the traditional strengths of Terraform's declarative Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with the expressive power of programming languages.

The presentation will outline CDKTF's unique ability to allow teams to define cloud resources using familiar programming constructs, significantly reducing the learning curve and enabling more sophisticated infrastructure setups with reusable components.

Jean Burellier
Platform Team, Sanofi
Jean Burellier

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