June 13

A blueprint for the next-gen FinTech Internal Developer Platform

Step into the technical blueprint behind Convera's metamorphosis from a legacy financial services framework into a leading-edge FinTech entity. This session will delve into the architecture of an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that became instrumental in their modernization initiative. Attendees will receive a granular overview of how strategically integrated tools and services within Convera’s platform have streamlined development, maximized efficiency, and upheld operational superiority.

This talk will cover:

Robust infrastructure orchestration: Unpack how Terraform and Humanitec Platform Orchestrator automate the provisioning of AWS services such as EKS, RDS, and Route 53, crafting a scalable and manageable cloud-native ecosystem.

Seamless Development and Operations Integration: Explore the harmonious integration of GitLab (CI) with AWS ECR, augmented by AWS Secrets Manager and the Platform Orchestrator’s deployment pipelines, to establish state-of-the-art CI/CD.

Monitoring and management mastery: Learn about Datadog's role in real-time monitoring and logging in sync with AWS and Kubernetes, enhancing performance and proactive troubleshooting.

Join me to explore actionable insights into leveraging platform engineering for financial services innovation.

Igor Kantor
Director of Software Engineering, Convera
Igor Kantor

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