June 12

A blend of fire and ice: Accelerating innovation across internet and financial services via platform engineering at AntGroup

Explore the transformative journey to adopt platform engineering at AntGroup, one of the largest financial services corporations in the world, highlighting key strategies, challenges, and outcomes.

Owning the world's largest mobile payment platform Alipay with over a billion users served, AntGroup is standing at the tricky crossroads of the tech industry and traditional finance. These two industries pose very different requirements for service delivery, and subsequently the dynamics between large software engineering organizations. This talk takes you into the transformative journey to adopt platform engineering at AntGroup, starting with the strategic thinking behind the transformation, the implementation, the struggles and compromises in dealing with a wide range of business scenarios, and key aspects in measuring success. The session serves as a case study with tangible insights for organizations looking to embark on a similar path, focusing on practical advice and lessons learned.

Zijian Wang
Director, Ant Group
Zijian Wang

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