Swarna Mani

Director, Platform Engineering, Rithum

Swarna's journey in the software industry began back in the late 1990s, where she embarked on a path driven by curiosity and a passion for technology. Over the past 20+ years, she has had the privilege of immersing herself in various aspects of software development, customer engineering, DevOps/DevSecOps, and platform engineering. Throughout her career, Swarna has accumulated a diverse range of skills spanning development, DevOps, infrastructure, testing, and incident management. Each experience has shaped her and deepened her understanding of the industry. As she progressed in her career, Swarna sought opportunities that allowed her to leverage her skills and contribute meaningfully to the field. When the role of Director of Platform Engineering at Rithum crossed her path, Swarna was drawn to the opportunity to build something from the ground up. It felt like the perfect fit, aligning with her desire to make a tangible impact and grow both personally and professionally. One of the most rewarding aspects of Swarna's journey has been the opportunity to collaborate with talented teams and witness the collective effort to bring projects to life. As a leader, her approach is rooted in empathy and kindness, recognizing the importance of fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best.Swarna is genuinely excited about the potential of platform engineering to drive positive change and innovation. Her goal is to create an inclusive and supportive culture where individuals can thrive and where their collective efforts make a real difference in the lives of customers and communities. Swarna is humbled by the opportunities that have come her way, and she looks forward to the journey ahead, embracing each challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a meaningful impact.

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